Horse-Facilitated Coaching

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Why get wet swimming with a dolphin when you can walk in the field with the horse next door?

Many people have found swimming with dolphins to be a profoundly healing, even spiritual, transformational experience. In fact, we can do something similar on dry land, much closer to home! Horses are extraordinarily responsive to human emotions and states of mind, and there is a rapidly growing interest in enlisting their help in a human therapeutic or personal development setting. Horse-facilitated work can offer humans opportunities to:

  • explore different ways of being which are actually physically experienced – for example how it feels to be confident;
  • try out different ways to bring about results by appreciating the interaction with the horse as a metaphor for life-situations;
  • move beyond strategy to a different level of greater spontaneity and responsiveness in the present moment;
  • enjoy a wholesome connection and communication with another living being in a non-exploitative relationship of mutual trust;
  • find emotional congruence and learn how to experience and express emotions safely;
  • explore personal issues and resolve inner conflict.

The warm, accepting presence of a horse can provide a healing, safe environment in which to unlock blocked emotions, examine old limiting beliefs, and resolve past hurts. People can gain confidence and insight by discovering within themselves the qualities the horse is so good at eliciting, including trustworthiness, love, empathy, joyfulness, reciprocal giving and receiving, creativity, mutual trust and respect, confidence, assertiveness and leadership. We have the chance to experience what it is like to be different, with the horse's responses providing the external evidence for our change.
These benefits are actually reciprocal, for it's only when we stop seeing the horse as 'other' and start genuinely connecting with a deeper, shared level of being that the real magic happens. Horses love to be with humans who are willing to meet them in the open space of mutual understanding and connection!
There's no need to be a rider or have any previous experience with horses to enjoy horse-facilitated coaching, and we don't do any riding – the focus is on connection and communication with the horses on the ground. However, for horse-people, it can help to improve your relationship with your own horse; sessions can be held at your place, with your horse, if you prefer.

I offer small group workshops and individual private sessions with my horses, Brigit and Rowan. Costs: a private session £40; a half-day workshop for three or four people £25 each.

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