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I offer one-to-one coaching and lessons for you and your horse, including confidence coaching and riding instruction and training with a gentle, classically-oriented approach. I can also help you with problem-solving, schooling your horse, and starting and bringing on your youngster. It's much more fun and rewarding to work with your horse yourself than to send him away: not only will you learn a lot, you'll also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what's happening with your horse.

What is coaching?

While there is a lot of overlap between coaching and instructing, there are some distinct differences. A coach tends to take part in a shared process of exploring what works well for the client, rather than just issuing instructions from a position of expertise. The coach encourages the client to take an active part in the learning process, helping her to clarify aims, explore new things, reflect on what works well or could be improved, and come up with creative ideas for what to do differently. You could say that a coaching session is more 'client-centred' (to borrow a term from the world of counselling), meaning that it's directed by the client's requirements, as contrasted with a lesson in which an instructor who has a particular area of expertise teaches a specific skill.

Coaching is about helping you to learn how to learn, so it can have far-reaching effects in your life. It's empowering, encouraging and enjoyable – most of us, humans and horses, learn best when we're interested and enthusiastic. It encourages you to approach problems constructively and creatively and to explore and experiment to find out what works well for you and your horse in your particular circumstances. Equestrian coaching is especially rich because it involves three participants: the client, the horse and the coach, and the key factors to explore are especially interesting: relationship, connection and communication.


  • Sessions cost £25 for a good hour, plus travel costs if you're more than 10 miles from Timberscombe, Somerset.
  • For people who are too far away for one-to-one lessons to be a realistic option, alternatives might include telephone coaching, or arranging a workshop or clinic with me in your area, or coming here with your horse for a few days training holiday.
  • I am also happy to come to you for periods of two – ten days, to help you with your horses; the cost would be £250 per day, plus travel and accommodation expenses.

How to Book

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