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This clinic covers gentle, classically-oriented riding and training, plus it's a chance to learn coaching skills that will help you and your horse to continue your progress when you go home.

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I am happy to travel to you to offer clinics and workshops of varying lengths for small groups of riders and any number of non-riding participants. I also offer non-riding workshops with the help of horses, either here on Exmoor with my horses, or at your place with your horses. These non-riding workshops can be for people wanting to improve their horse-handling skills, or for those who would like to explore horse-facilitated coaching for their own personal development.


It's helpful to identify a particular topic for a clinic or workshop; this can provide an overall theme within which participants can work with their own personal aims. Some clinics may focus on groundwork practice, in which case the horses would not be ridden; however non-ridden horses are welcome at every clinic, whatever the topic, because there's always lots of useful stuff you can do on the ground.

Alternatively, you might like to choose a topic from the book Heart to Heart with Your Horse, or come up with your own topic, or pick a suggestion from the following list:

  • Confidence coaching for riders
  • Confidence coaching for horses
  • In-hand practice
  • Lungeing and long-reining
  • Liberty practice
  • Developing relaxation and focus for you and your horse
  • Goal-setting
  • Leadership, partnership, and friendship between you and your horse


Coaching clinics and workshops are experiential and interactive, encouraging you to approach things constructively and creatively and to explore and experiment to find out what works well for you and your horse in your particular circumstances. There may be opportunities for co-coaching, in which participants take turns in facilitating each other's learning. Non-riding participants are not restricted to just watching – they can join in the discussions and in any non-riding exercises.
Formats for clinics can vary to suit your requirements. A typical riding clinic might start with an introductory session in which everyone could take part including the non-riding participants, followed by individual or shared fifty-five minute sessions from then on.

I charge around £250 for a full day, plus travel expenses and, if necessary, accommodation; a half day is around £150 plus travel expenses and, if necessary, accommodation. Precise costs will vary according to the details of your requirements.

Please telephone or email me to discuss what would work best for you.

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